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Welcome to Hennock School

Welcome to Hennock School. Our school website is currently under construction so please bear with us whilst changes are being made.  We aim to provide you with helpful information and give you an insight into the many varied opportunities available to all our children.

Please contact the school if you wish to visit – we would love to show you around!

Ash 21.10.16 Newsletter

Ash 21.10.16 newsletter

Willows 21/10/16 Newsletter


Edible Nature Walk

On Friday 14th October, Willows and Ash joined with Gin, our Forest School Leader, to go on an Edible Nature Walk. We gathered blackberries and apples and cooked a fruit compote over the campfire.  We [...]

The Romans are Coming!

On Friday 18th September, a Roman Soldier from the 2nd Augusta legion visited Ash Class.  In role as Dumnonii tribal Britons, Ash had to decide whether to defend their existing culture or peacefully accept [...]